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The historic “Fort Worth Star-Telegram” building opened May 30, 1921, as the fulfillment of the dream of Amon G. Carter for a permanent home for the “Star-Telegram”. Carter began his newspaper career with the “Fort Worth Star” in 1906 and merged it with the “Fort Worth Telegram” in 1909 to form the “Fort Worth Star-Telegram”. Upon absorbing the “Fort Worth Record” in 1925 the “Star-Telegram” became the largest newspaper in Texas.

The original, four-story building was completed in 1921 by renowned Fort Worth architectural firm Sanguinet and Staats. The general contractor builder was W.C. Hedrick Construction Co. Hedrick, an architect and engineer, later partnered with Sanguinet and Staats in 1922, forming Sanguinet, Staats and Hedrick. This team is responsible for many Fort Worth buildings from the era and became a famous Texas architectural firm with satellite offices throughout the state.

The building is in the Beau Arts style, constructed of reinforced concrete. The first floor façade is made of limestone, but the upper three floors were faced with brick and terra cotta trim. The decorative terra cotta frieze that lines the top of the original building also bears the Star-Telegram insignia.

The basement contained the presses; the first floor was advertising and circulation desks; the second floor was the executives, cartoonists, and editorial writers; the third, editorial, engraving, the “morgue,” and photography; and the forth floor had stereotyping and composing departments.

One of the unique and innovative features of the original building was a newspaper loading “drive through.” Newspaper delivery trucks entered the building at Taylor Street, got loaded up with papers and then exited onto Sixth Street, without having to back up or turn around!

The building has gone through several renovations through history. The expansions have transformed the original space dramatically. Current restoration is of the original four-story 1920 building, using the original blueprints created by Sanguinet and Staats.

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