During the restoration process, every effort is being made to restore the building back to the 1920 architectural integrity. The team, led by Joy Webster, veteran restoration expert, is using the original blue prints from Sanguinet and Staats as a guide to bring back the original building that Amon Carter built and officed from. The team of experts consists of Schwarz-Hanson Architects, KHK Group, Baird Hampton Brown, Business Flooring Specialist and Technistructures.

Stage 1 Renovation:

Stage 1 – Installing heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems as well as new chillers, boilers, switch gear and roof maintenance.


Stage 2 Renovation:

Stage 2 – Build-out of the 2nd floor.


Stage 3 Renovation:

Stage 3 – Constructing underground parking for the building.


Stage 4 Renovation:

Stage 4 – Renovating the first floor and mezzanine.


Stage 5 Renovation:

Stage 5 – Renovating the exterior of the building.


Stage 6 Renovation:

Stage 6 – Build-out of the 3rd and 4th floors.



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